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What is Operational Excellence and Why is it Important?

If you read our tutorial on choosing your customer value proposition, you already know the three fundamental business models are: […]

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How is “Free” used in marketing? (5 clever strategies)

“You get a car, she gets a car, everybody gets a car!” – Oprah Winfrey Oprah once gifted 300 audience […]

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What is Meant by Product Leadership? (+Action steps)

Elevating your business above the competition can, at times, seem challenging, but guess what, it’s not impossible. There are three […]

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How is price used to segment markets? (+Services)

Setting prices can be difficult for anyone, in virtually any industry.  This is because cost structures are different from company […]

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What is the Customer Intimacy Strategy? (+9 Strategies)

Companies that choose the customer intimacy strategy are communicating to their customers, “Choose us because we can customize our products […]

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Marketing Strategy vs Tactics

Marketing is critical for building a connection between a business and the consumer.  Nothing else is more important in business.  […]

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How Do You Target New Customers? (6 simple steps)

The job of marketing is to: 1) Gain a customer and 2) Keep a customer. Nothing else matters. And for […]

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How to Attract More Students to Your School (action plan)

A superior marketing strategy focused on attracting students is core to any great school. Whether you are attracting new students […]

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How Can Marketing Improve Business (6 ways for growth)

A superior marketing strategy and marketing plan gives your business a competitive advantage. That’s because marketing is one of the […]

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Why marketing strategy is important

If you could wave a magic wand and have three years pass…  What do you want to end up with? […]

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How Do You Do Referral Marketing?

If you have been in business for any amount of time … you already know .. Referral marketing can be […]

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Customer Intimacy Strategy Examples

Research shows there are three fundamental business models. And if you read our tutorial on choosing your customer value proposition, […]

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8 Marketing Lessons Learned from John Wick

If you haven’t heard of John Wick, it’s probably because the producers know exactly who their audience is. And you […]

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How to Build Your Marketing Strategy

This #shorts video is best viewed on mobile: defines success as… “A successful performance or achievement” But, what is […]

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Your Customer Value Proposition; Customer Intimacy, Operational Excellence and Product Leadership

This #shorts video is best viewed on mobile: The customer value proposition is… The strategy a company chooses to separate […]

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