Frequently Asked Questions

Your Strategic Marketing Partner is like having an experienced, trusted advisor sitting alongside you at the executive table with one HUGE exception: we roll up our sleeves and get to work to help you grow your top line Sales Revenues, Gross Profits and ultimately increase your Net Income.

Yes, Your Strategic Marketing Partner can analyze and delegate, too. But unlike most costly consultants and wordy experts, we don’t stop there and say, “Good Luck!”. Together, we analyze the project needs and the data to help you make the best possible decision. Then, you and Your Strategic Marketing Partner develop a plan according to your strategy and bring the plan to life!

The first step is to schedule a brief no-obligation discovery call with Your Strategic Marketing Partner by going here. Don’t worry, we never spam and respect your time and privacy 100% of the time. Your Strategic Marketing Partner will contact you to schedule a brief conversation where, together, we can discover the possibilities.

That’s the best part! Our prices are fair, reasonable and there are no surprises. Our prices are based on a fair hourly rate, just as if you have a trusted staff-member in your office solely devoted to growing your organization. Generally, we have three pricing structures based on the scope of your projects and the number of hours you need Your Strategic Marketing Partner to execute marketing projects for you. And the best part; the more hours Your Strategic Marketing Partner works for you, the less per hour your organization pays — putting more net income towards your bottom line.

Again, this is one of the best parts because it’s a win-win for you! First, since Your Strategic Marketing Partner is providing valuable services for your business focused on growing your brand and your sales revenue, this is a legit tax deduction for you (of course, we are not accountants so be sure to ask yours). You grow your business and you get a tax write off! Second, each month you simply send Your Strategic Marketing Partner a digital payment for the hours needed at the start of each month. Lastly, since we are independent contractors and we have our remote office with everything we need (90% of the time) to execute your campaigns, your accountant simply sends us a 1099 at tax time.

Great question! This is where the magic happens. Let’s quote the Father of Business Consulting Peter Drucker who said, “Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.” And that is exactly what we narrow in on: 1) helping you to gain a customer, and 2) helping you to keep a customer.

As Your Strategic Marketing Partner we will first execute your most important tasks, whether that is: Google PPC, set up your shopping campaigns, skyrocket your print ad responses, freshen up your website, review data and analytics to find awesome new opportunities, acquire testimonials, set up surveys to get a better handle on what your customers actually want, develop transactional emails, auto-responders or promotional sequential emails on and on. While this is happening, together, we will dig into the data and get to work on developing a formal, structured fantastic marketing plan focusing your business forward. Then, together, we execute and make the magic happen!

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