How to Become a Strategic Marketing Partner

Now you can turn your specialized skill into a great income

3-part Guide gives you everything you need to enjoy a career as a successful marketing consultant - living your life on your terms while enjoying an unlimited earning ability

You get: Proven Strategy to Help You Gain Consulting Clients, pages 26-32 of the Guide (this is easily worth 100x the cost of this course)

Dear fellow marketer,

Let me repeat our rather extraordinary offer.

You see, after you begin to study the Guide, you will discover what you need to enjoy a full time or part time income as a Marketing Consultant.

And you don’t need 30 years of corporate experience to succeed. 

In fact, if you have one skill that can help a business promote themselves -- whether online or offline -- this might be all you need to enjoy a fantastic lifestyle.

Let me explain.

Every company, whether a start-up or a mature industry-leader has a need for marketing services.

Every. Single. One.

Read that again because it’s worth repeating.

In fact, most companies have far too much to do, and too little staffing resources to get it all done.

Enter: You.

This is how you can earn $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 or more working with companies and helping them with your marketing specialization.

A Marketing Guide Unlike Any Other

Since you are not looking to be a formal employee reporting in the office every day

from 8 - 5, you can provide the executive team with a welcomed, specialized knowledge to help them get closer to their business goals.

But, they are not going to hand over cash to every Tom, Dick or Harry simply because they call themselves an expert.

You have to know how to approach the right person, at the right time, and with the right offer. And this means you need to match your message to the right market.

This is where the magic happens, and it can happen for you, too.

And that is the purpose of the Guide. 

It's the world’s only marketing consulting Guide written for the new marketing consultant to fully understand, and quickly implement. Each page is simply written, well thought-out and organized for you to pull out information that you can apply -- to ensure success. 

Each page is clear, concise and to the point -- to help you become a successful, remote marketing consultant. Not just in how to position your services in a crowded marketplace, but how you can best use your specialized services to benefit your life and career -- today and long into the future.

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Marketing Knowledge is Power

On page 24 of the Guide -- you’ll enjoy possibly the most important section you will ever read on succeeding as a marketer. It’s about how to rapidly choose your target audience, almost guaranteeing your success. Every phase of helping you get started is covered, from choosing your specialization, matching your skills with your target audience and even a fail-proof checklist on how to help your customers gain immediate success. And more. Much more.

Page after page is filled with fascinating and significant information that’s useful to you. On page 11 of the Guide, you’ll find special insights on what businesses most value in today’s market. A special section on page 15 details the list of basic tools every marketing consultant needs to master.

You’ll be off and running as a marketing consultant. There is information on cutting through the clutter and getting your message seen -- a skill you can learn and teach every business you work with -- further earning more income.

Your Own Marketing Consultant Guide and a FREE Gift

You are invited to order your own Marketing Consultant Guide for just $495. You’ll see what a minimal investment this is -- and a perfect way to build an amazing remote income source that can literally last a lifetime.

And here’s our FREE gift to you: because we value you and your success, we want to stack the odds in your favor. That’s why we are giving you, when you act fast, the exact marketing system we use to gain customers. It’s a time-tested, proven method that will work for you when you are ready to start taking on clients. The value is worth far more than $100 -- probably closer to $10,000 when you factor in the amount of income earned from just one long-term client.

But this incredible gift is yours FREE as a thank you for becoming a fellow Marketer Consultant.

If you feel this is a fair and reasonable offer, then you will want to find out today if the Guide can do for you what it is doing for hundreds of other marketing consultants worldwide. 

If this is interesting to you and you want to explore this incredible lifestyle option, you are invited to order your Guide here.

To your success,

Sam H., Director of Customer Support
Your Strategic Marketing Partner

In the Marketing Consultant Guide, you'll get:

  1. The Nomad Marketing Starter Guide (instant download)
  2. Audio program with Your Strategic Marketing Partner, Sam Hirschberg, MBA who walks you through the program (instant download)
  3. Unlimited FREE email support with the team at Your Strategic Marketing Partner to help your plan
  4. The Quickstart Checklist to help you get started quickly
  5. A sample contract for you to use with clients, plus
  6. A FREE Gift valued at over $100 (worth more like $10,000)

Table of Contents

What Does it Mean to be a Marketing Consultant in Today’s Economy? - Page 4
3 Ways to Make Money - Page 5
Marketing Consultant: The Best Lifestyle Business on the Planet? - Page 9
There are more incredible money-making opportunities than you have time to work on - Page 11
10 skills you will need - Page 14
To be a marketing consultant you need to specialize and focus on providing great service to your target market. - Page 14
What Are the Best Marketing Tools? - Page 15
8 Basic, Positive Marketing Skills Every New Marketer Must Learn - Page 16
Establish Your Expertise to Your Clients by Focusing on the 4 P’s of the Marketing Mix - Page 17
5 Important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Marketing - Page 19
What are the 5 key performance indicators in marketing? - Page 20
Agreement with your First Client - Page 23
The Sweet Deal strategy to gain your first client - Page 24
Now for the advanced direct mail campaign that you need to develop immediately - Page 25
Marketing Consultant QuickStart Checklist- Page 27

The Ultimate Lifestyle Business

  • Freedom 
  • Flexibility 
  • Unlimited earning potential

Inside the Guide, you’ll discover how to:

  • Work from anywhere in the world!
  • Find hungry customers who already want your expertise
  • Earn an income on your terms
  • Provide GREAT service to your ideal customer
  • Gain the skills needed to land great clients 
  • Overcome the price objection and earn long term income 
  • Enjoy a life-long career as an independent marketing consultant
  • Gain skills you need to be a marketing consultant
  • Find your ideal target market
  • Identify the best way to help your customers, right now
  • Gain your first new client
  • Position yourself as the expert

In the Guide, you’ll get:

  • A 35-page easy-to-read text in PDF format
  • Audio introduction with Sam Hirschberg, MBA, Your Strategic Marketing Partner
  • A 1-page quickstart checklist to help you get started ASAP (you don't even need to read the Guide)
  • Unlimited free support with our marketing team
  • A marketing checklist for you to use with your clients -- this is easily worth the entire cost of the Guide
  • A sample contract / agreement for you to use when signing on a new client(s)
  • A list of important tools and resources you will need to best service your clients

Enjoy your own flexible business with unlimited earning ability

Nomad Marketing Starter Guide, Instant access

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