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Choose Free Enterprise

Why marketing strategy is important

If you could wave a magic wand and have three years pass…  What do you want to end up with? […]

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What Exactly is Free Enterprise?

Also known as a free market, free enterprise forms the basis of capitalism. And for a freedom-loving marketing professional, few […]

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What is Free Enterprise in Marketing?

Free enterprise is an economic system driven by the laws of demand and supply. This contrasts with the command economy, […]

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What are Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales?

Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand.  That’s because the definition of marketing is to: Gain a customer, and  Keep a customer. […]

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Increase B2B Sales with this Marketing Strategy (Works every time)

B2B sales, also referred to as business-to-business sales, are sales made from one company to another. Rather than selling from […]

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Marketing Strategy vs Tactics

Marketing is critical for building a connection between a business and the consumer.  Nothing else is more important in business.  […]

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How Do You Target New Customers? (6 simple steps)

The job of marketing is to: 1) Gain a customer and 2) Keep a customer. Nothing else matters. And for […]

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How to Attract More Students to Your School (action plan)

A superior marketing strategy focused on attracting students is core to any great school. Whether you are attracting new students […]

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What is Kotter’s 8 Step Change Model? (Explained)

As part of our strategic marketing and management series including SWOT analysis, Porter’s 5 Forces, Price’s Law, Pareto Principle and […]

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How Can Marketing Improve Business (6 ways for growth)

A superior marketing strategy and marketing plan gives your business a competitive advantage. That’s because marketing is one of the […]

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How do I sell successfully on Walmart?

Walmart is a household name. says that 95% of the population shops at Walmart. Regardless of where you live, […]

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What U.S. States Have the Most Economic Freedom?

Starting a successful business can be challenging for many reasons. This explains why the U.S. Small Business Administration report found […]

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Recent Blogs

How to increase website conversion rates (examples and guide)

You have a website — and it’s generating leads and making sales.  You’ve run online ads, PPC, banner ads, maybe […]

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3 Sneaky “Psychological Pricing Tricks” Businesses use to Increase Sales

You can be certain about one thing: Your customers will respond to your price, whether they show up at […]

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Unique Selling Proposition vs. Value Proposition (with examples)

We are regularly asked, “What is the difference between a unique selling proposition and a value proposition? In this tutorial […]

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Marketing Strategies

Your Customer Value Proposition; Customer Intimacy, Operational Excellence and Product Leadership

Your Customer Value Proposition; Customer Intimacy, Operational Excellence and Product Leadership This #shorts video is best viewed on mobile: The […]

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What Do Your Customers Really Think About You? Here’s How To Find Out …

Now that you have a rock-solid customer value proposition, you can get to work digging a deep trench into your […]

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I’m the Nice Customer … Who is Never Coming Back …

“I’m a nice customer. You all know me… I’m the one who never complains, no matter what kind of service […]

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