The Top 10 Commandments of Legendary Customer Service

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Early in my career I was the Head Tennis Professional at a prestigious AAA Five Diamond resort in southern California. I worked for this tennis club and resort for 10 years.

As you can imagine, we regularly had insightful customer service training. That’s because our valued customers paid a healthy sum to visit the club, so our skills needed to be sharp with a customer-centric atmosphere at all times.

Here are the 10 Commandments of Legendary Customer Service, as taught by the best in the business of exceeding customers expectations:

The Top 10 Commandments of Legendary Customer Service

  1. Create customer service that’s not just the best, but Legendary. (Treat our customers better than they expect!)
  2. Our employee must be the customer. (If our customer is upset, our employee is upset. If our customer is satisfied, our employee is satisfied.)
  3. To achieve customer satisfaction, our employees have the authority to act as is they own the company.
  4. There’s no such thing as taking too much time with any customer.
  5. Talking face to face is mightier than the phone which is mightier than the pen which is mightier than email.
  6. If it doesn’t feel right, make it right.
  7. The job isn’t done until it’s done right.
  8. Do it once and do it yourself. (In other words, satisfying our customer is everyone’s job.)
  9. Our employees must know: “When in doubt, ask. When not in doubt, act.”
  10. A mistake is not just a mistake - it’s an opportunity to improve our business!

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