I’m the Nice Customer … Who is Never Coming Back …

“I’m a nice customer. You all know me...

I’m the one who never complains, no matter what kind of service I get.

I’ll go into a restaurant, and I’ll sit while the waitress gossips with a friend and never bothers to look to see if my hamburger is ready to go. Sometimes a party who came in after I did gets my hamburger, but I don’t say a word in complaint when the waitress tells me, “Oh I’m sorry. I’ll order another for you.” I just wait.

It’s the same when I go to a bank. I don’t throw my weight around. I try to be thoughtful of the other person. If I get poor service I’m polite as can be.

I don’t believe rudeness in return is the answer.

The other day I stopped in at the neighborhood gas station. I waited for almost five minutes before the attendant took care of me. And when he did, he spilled gas and wiped the car windows with an oily rag. I didn’t expect him to thank me for stopping by—and he didn’t.

Naturally, I didn’t complain about the service.

I never kick. I never nag. I never criticize. And I wouldn’t dream of making a scene, as I’ve seen some people do in public places. I think that’s uncalled for. No, I’m the nice customer. And I’ll tell you what else I am.

I’m the customer who never comes back!

In fact, a nice customer like me, multiplied by others of my kind, can just about ruin a business. There are a lot of nice people in the world, just like me. When we get pushed far enough, we goon down the street to another store, another back, where they’re smart enough to hire help who have been trained to appreciate nice customers.

He laughs loudest, they say, who laughs last.

I laugh when I see you frantically spending your money on expensive advertising to get me back, when you could have had me in the first place for a few kind words and a smile and some good services.

I don’t care what business you’re in. Maybe you live in a different town; maybe I’ve never heard of you. But if you’re going broke or your business is bad, maybe there are enough people like me, who do know you.

I’m your customer who never comes back.”

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