The Ultimate Marketing Plan Checklist PDF (Free download)

Marketing is undoubtedly the best way to grow a business. 

A solid marketing strategy can transform your business and turn goals into reality. 

However, if you've ever chased big sales growth, you undoubtedly have questioned the point of beginning -- which is central to a successful sales and marketing plan. 

A marketing checklist will help you remove the guesswork out of your plan. This free PDF checklist is a simple but important tool to help you ensure your marketing plan is focused on delivering more value to your customer while creating maximum value for the company you represent.

We have, as usual, made it super easy for you.

Below is a free PDF checklist you can click and download (the PDF opens up in a new window). These are the exact steps our team takes whether developing new campaigns, building a full marketing strategy, developing our marketing calendar and plans or re-thinking tactics.

Before simply downloading the marketing checklist, below are a few important items to  consider.

What is a Marketing Checklist?

An effective marketing plan should start with the customer

That said, a quality marketing checklist itemizes the most important tactics so it's simple for your team to get the most results from your marketing. This makes it very convenient for you to implement the most important marketing initiatives.

A marketing checklist is very helpful because it breaks down the complicated marketing tasks into simple, actionable items. 

While a marketing checklist varies from one business to another, below are some key components that you should be clear on, before developing your marketing checklist and plan;

  • Your company information – your marketing plan and checklist should be developed as a result of a SWOT analysis of your business. You should be aware of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Pay particularly close attention to your strengths and opportunities as you build your forward-thinking marketing plan.
  • Your target market – this topic is so critically important, it has to be at the forefront of your plan. You need to know at least the basics such as your target audience, demographics (age, location, gender, and occupation) and psychographics (beliefs, values, and opinion).
  • Your competitors – you need to have at least a basic understanding of your competition. Know their products, pricing, brand awareness, customers, objectives, and resources.
  • Your marketing objectives – Know what you are trying to accomplish. Start with clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as you set your objectives. Common KPIs are sales revenue, cost per sale, conversion rates, and return on advertising spend.
  • Your marketing strategies and tactics – these are the methods used by your business to achieve your marketing objectives. Strategies and tactics should consider the 4 P’s: products, place, price, and promotion.

Ok, let’s now dig into getting your marketing plan making sales!

Download your Ultimate Marketing Plan Checklist here (PDF)

If you need anything along the way, we are happy to help!



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