Beginners Guide to Marketing (+7 easy steps)

Marketing may seem simple…

Whether it’s content marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click, direct mail or social media marketing…

But when the foundational rules of marketing are broken, almost nothing could be  more difficult!

On the other hand …

When you stick to the basics, marketing can be a massive driver for sales, growth and success.

A Beginners Guide to Marketing
When new marketers first learn the basics of marketing, they can often see success very quickly. The basics start with a deep understanding of a clearly defined customer segment and a strong focus on the value being delivered to this chosen target market. Once these two important points are defined, the next important basic element is mastery of the Marketing Mix, a.k.a the 4 P’s of marketing.

Marketing encompasses several disciplines, tactics, and strategies, all aimed at convincing prospects to purchase products/services from your brand.

Learning this trade takes years, and mastering your craft even longer. But when you get into a groove, marketing can be the most rewarding, flexible and productive set of skills you could ever develop!

And we are going to build your foundation right now.

How Can I Learn About Marketing?

Regardless of the specific type of marketing that you want to focus on (there are many wonderful options for you in marketing).  If you want more information about a college degree in marketing, please go here.  To start learning about marketing on your own, here are 7 ways to build a great education about marketing:

1. Read Great Marketing Books

Reading marketing books and other resources is probably the best way to get started with marketing. As a beginner, you will greatly benefit from the wisdom and insights of those who have gone through similar paths. The best way is to find books from seasoned marketing professionals highlighting various facets of marketing.

That said, 9 of the best marketing books ever written are:

  1. Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins
  2. Turn Words into money by Ted Nicholas
  3. Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini
  4. The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy
  5. The Ultimate Marketing Plan by Dan Kennedy
  6. Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind
  7. How to Make Your Advertising Make Money by John Caples
  8. How to Write a Good Advertisement by Victor Schwab
  9. Advertising Secrets of the Written Word by Joseph Sugarman

2. Get a Mentor

It is common for entrepreneurs to look for business mentors, especially when negotiating the challenging start-up landscape or for general guidance.

If you are struggling in specific business areas, especially marketing, working with a mentor can help you acquire practical skills that apply directly to your business. Mentors help with the following;

  • They will help you fast-track your marketing skills
  • Marketing mentors are affordable compared to the cost of mistakes in your marketing strategy
  • Mentors can help in developing robust marketing strategies
  • Mentors provide a second opinion as an experienced marketer

3. Build a website or grow a social channel

With more shoppers preferring to order their purchases online, starting a website is the best, first-hand way to hone your marketing skills. Websites provide a perfect place for prospects and customers to interact with your brand and learn about your products and services. This platform makes your products available at any time, and customers can make orders around the clock.

However, despite being a beginner, you should ensure that you build a good marketing website. For starters, it should have a very clear purpose, be visually appealing, and be technically secure.

4. Network and learn from colleagues

Active networking boosts career growth in every profession. Unfortunately, most people shudder by the thought of networking, often associating it with cheesy events, awkwardness, and the perception that you are “selling” yourself.

However, networking is generally about meeting new people and building long-term relationships and a good reputation. Networking actually forms the basis of getting a mentor. For example, if you meet other marketers who handle marketing for brands, entrepreneurs and local business, you could not only learn a lot about what is working and what isn’t but you’ll also add additional great people into your network.

5. Write an advertisement and test it

There is no better way to gauge your marketing skills than trying it out. Writing an advertising campaign, be it digital or print media ads, you will get a better experience doing it yourself. While doing it, ensure that you have a perfect understanding of your products and target market. Doing this provides a basis for which you can evaluate your skills based on the performance of the ad. And there is nothing putting your own money on the line to raise your own game.

6. Do Digital Advertising

Digital advertising, just like writing an ad, is another great way to learn and hone marketing skills.

While digital advertising encompasses several activities, you can begin with the basics, such as content marketing, PPC, display advertising, copywriting, SEO, and email marketing. This equips you with fundamental marketing skills and forces you to stack the most relevant current skills on top of the solid marketing education you gained in step 1 above.

7. Track Your Results

Tracking results is an important thing for every activity, and marketing isn’t an exception. Tracking the results of your marketing campaign is important as it measures return on ad spend (ROAI), customer acquisition costs, lead costs, sales revenue gained, and even customer satisfaction.

Examples of Basic Marketing Skills

Successful marketing requires a solid understanding of the core basics, a set of constantly evolving skills and … time.

Here are some of the skills you can begin to learn and stack them on top of one another. Over time, you will have a wonderful, positive skill stack that will serve you well not just for your marketing career, but for your entire life and those in your sphere of influence.

8 Basic, Positive Marketing Skills Every New Marketer Must Learn

  1. Writing skills – marketers should be good at writing as it is the only way to inform your customers of your offerings. While doing this, avoid fluff and excessive jargon.
  2. Communication – great communication skills are essential for a successful marketing campaign.
  3. Psychology – marketers should be able to read the mood and understand the minds of their customers and prospects. It is through this that you can design an appropriate campaign that suits their needs.
  4. Data analysis – with data being the new “oil,” marketers should be able to analyze data gathered from various sources to their benefit.
  5. Problem-solving skills – marketers should be able to handle various crises within short notice and identify new methods of increasing inbound leads, sorting negative reviews, and adjusting non-performing campaigns.
  6. Be a solution-oriented and a positive person – the drive or urge to solve problems is an important skill for any marketer.
  7. Forward-thinking – marketers should always forge ahead and prepare for the future at all times. Forward-thinking helps you cope with changing marketing trends and customer behavior.
  8. Entrepreneurial – great entrepreneurial skills are also vital for any marketer. They will help you identify new gaps and business opportunities in the market.


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