What is a Marketing Writer? (+amazing jobs)

Marketing is probably the most diverse career path anyone can pursue.

Regardless of your background, strengths, and skills, the high chances are that you will find a perfectly fitting marketing role. Currently, endless disciplines fall under the general marketing realm.

In this brief tutorial we will teach you what is a marketing marketer and how to enjoy a great career.

A marketing writer is a professional writer who specializes in creating content for marketing reasons. Marketing writers write various content, including print ads, press releases, social media posts, articles, and brochures. They can work as full-time employees in marketing departments or freelancers.

While some lean towards technical aspects like paid campaign management and on-site SEO, others, such as video ideation and copywriting, require creativity.

Let's explore what a marketing writer is and how you can enjoy a great career.

What Makes a Good Marketing Writer?

Businesses that rely on content marketing to improve online visibility and other benefits only hire the best to their teams.

Writers that communicate a compelling message that can gain and keep customers for the organization they represent make are a great marketing writer. This is because marketing writers play a key role in increasing website traffic, increasing sales and gaining more leads. 

Here are six qualities of an exceptional marketing writer:

1. Marketing writers have great writing ability

This qualification tops the list for obvious reasons. Marketing writers should have a deep understanding of the basic concepts of writing, which include spelling, grammar, punctuation, tone, and style. Regardless of the niche, marketing writers should effortlessly piece words together to tell a story and convey cohesive, relevant, and valuable ideas to the audience.

A good writing ability enables brands to strengthen and connect relationships with your target audience on personal levels. That said, most businesses provide tests that gauge writing, proofreading, and editing skills before hiring a marketing writer.

2. Marketing writers have great research skills

Excellent writing is often backed by solid research. Research-intensive marketing content improves your credibility and builds trust. As such, writers should research extensively, distill available content, and transform them into relevant information. They must provide accurate information sourced from reliable sources.

3. Marketing writers are adaptable

Unlike other digital marketing options, content marketing is always constant. What changes is the writing style, which varies depending on persona, branding, audience demographic, and other factors. Obviously, how you write blogs differ from the formats of writing marketing emails, sales copy, press releases, eBooks, and other marketing content.

However, a great writer should switch and adapt their writing style to suit every publication. They should switch the tone from a friendly note to something techy or formal effortlessly while maintaining the brands’ voice.

4. Marketing writers are excellent storytellers

Telling stories is the best way to attract, fascinate, and connect with your audience. Proper brand storytelling breathes life into ideas, lessons, experiences, and feelings about your brand. Therefore, your marketing writer should be great at writing captivating stories that bridge your brand and customers.

5. Marketing writers are positive team players

Apart from technical skills, marketing writers should easily fit into the company culture. They should be passionate about their work, work independently, and collaborate with other teams to meet your marketing goals. That said, ideal marketing writers should be fast learners. They may not be experts but should be willing to grasp concepts and industry-specific ideas quickly.

Unfortunately, most content writers are hard on themselves. They want to be a perfectionist and find it hard handling criticism. However, part of growing as a content writer requires the mental aptitude to accept criticism and negative feedback graciously. They should be good listeners and open-minded, as it will help them improve their writing skills.

6. Marketing writers have the ability to meet deadlines

Marketing over digital platforms is a 24-hour activity, as your marketing channels should be fed regularly. Missed posting deadlines are lost opportunities that can never be regained. Therefore, writers should be prepared to work anytime and under pressure in some circumstances.

17 Most in Demand Jobs for Marketing Writers

20 most common marketing and marketing writer jobs

Great marketers need to be able to do more than simply analyze and delegate tasks. Great marketers need to be great communicators and writers. Here are 17 in-demand marketing jobs that an excellent marketing writer can excel in:

  1. Corporate communications directors –are tasked with crafting and overseeing the delivery of business marketing messages through corporate speeches, presentations, press releases, and media responses. They also oversee marketing teams that write, develop, and implement communication strategies. Corporate communications directors should have a bachelor’s degree or MBA in a business-related course.
  2. Marketing research director – they manage market research teams to understand customers and competitors. This ensures that solid marketing strategies are developed. These directors typically work with different teams and departments and continually share insights, give recommendations, and develop guidelines that optimize marketing strategies.
  3. Email marketing director – they help develop and implement email marketing strategies that drive traffic, sales, engagement, and brand awareness. Most email marketing directors manage a team of creative writers, including web developers, designers, and copywriters, to create converting emails.
  4. Digital marketing director – they spearhead the company’s online marketing strategy, which includes search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, and digital marketing campaigns. Such personnel should have good experience in digital marketing alternatives, especially since digital marketing keeps changing.
  5. Content marketing directors – judging by their name, they are responsible for everything that concerns content. This includes content development, scheduling, and marketing. They also oversee content mediums, such as blogs, eBooks, and social media posts.
  6. Product marketing director – they research, position, promote, launch new products and oversee continuing marketing efforts of new products.
  7. Demand generation manager – this multifaceted role covers all marketing efforts under demand generation. This includes sourcing for new lads through content campaigns, partnerships to develop loyalty programs, and influencer marketing.
  8. Brand marketing managers – these are keepers or managers of a business’ brand. They oversee brand strategy and ensure that products, events, campaigns, and other business activities align with how the business should be perceived.
  9. Digital account executives – they are responsible for making contacts with customers through email campaigns and cold calls. They also make deals with prospects and manage current customers.
  10. Copywriters – also called marketing writers, they are responsible for creating engaging content for use in various marketing channels, including print ads, catalogs, and websites. The duties of copywriters include keyword research, crafting interesting content, and proofreading to ensure the quality and accuracy of marketing content.
  11. Marketing associates – they plan and implement marketing activities. As such, they should understand the marketing details extensively and familiarize themselves with market research and customer behavior.
  12. Account supervisor – as the name suggests, they manage account teams and feedback. They also oversee to ensure that customer relationships are long-term and profitable.
  13. Marketing assistant – these personnel research, compile and report about buyer trends and statistics. They can also monitor actively running market campaigns and make improvements where necessary.
  14. Digital strategists – they combine all relevant marketing platforms, ranging from paid media, SEO to content marketing strategies, into one actionable plan that can be used to launch products and services.
  15. Marketing managers –manage the promotion and positioning of a brand, products, and services. Businesses typically employ them to attract customers to purchase from a company and raise brand awareness through marketing campaigns.
  16. Proposal writer – proposal writers help businesses develop their value proposition and articulate winning narratives. They are actively involved during the proposal phase and exit after clarification questions are submitted.
  17. Technical writer and editor – technical writers source for technical information and create technical content and educative materials to be used in digital platforms.

What other jobs can writers do? (+24 niche marketing writer jobs)

Here’s 24 more marketing jobs that a writer can focus on and generate a great full time or part time income. While anyone can do this, each of these specializations require unique knowledge to fully develop.

  1. Writing book promotional materials
  2. Writing direct mail copy writing direct mail postcards, sales letters, new customer welcome letters, etc
  3. Website editor
  4. Press release writer
  5. Email writer, educational
  6. Email writer, promotional
  7. Email writer, transactional
  8. Story teller for native ads
  9. Web page copywriter
  10. Blog content writer
  11. Search engine optimized content writing
  12. Social media writer
  13. Twitter writer
  14. Facebook content writer
  15. Pinterest content writer
  16. LinkedIn content writer
  17. Google My Business posts content writer
  18. Google ads writer
  19. Bing ads writer
  20. Video script writer
  21. New product announcement writer
  22. Amazon product descriptions
  23. Walmart product descriptions
  24. Ebay product descriptions
a simple thank you direct mail letterexample

Marketing tools to stack with your marketing writing skills

Combine these marketing and writing skills with mastering a few common marketing tools and you will have the makings of an amazing skill stack. This could help you to earn a great income as a marketing writer. Here are a few excellent tools to start with:

  1. Wordpress
  2. Shopify
  3. Elementor
  4. Mailchimp
  5. Constant Contact
  6. Klaviyo
  7. CRM software applications -- a great way to niche down and be the expert in a variety of industry specific applications, auto, moving, education, franchising, etc
  8. Canva
  9. Google analytics
  10. Google Tag Manager
  11. Excel
  12. Google shopping feed
  13. Google search console

There are endless well-paying marketing opportunities. However, the key to getting great  positions is being committed to learning and striving for professional growth, regardless of the years that you have been in the marketing space. Read marketing resources like the ones found in our blog extensively and learn new trends that are happening within and out of your vicinity.



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