Insider’s Guide to Public Relations

How to Build Your Brand and Gain More Customers

You are about to discover how to flood your organization with new opportunities you would never have had without the help of Your Strategic Marketing Partner.

And we are going to help you every step of the way.

In fact, once you study the Insider’s Guide to Public Relations, the Guide will massively benefit you these 4 ways:

  1. First, you’ll submit it to your industry and related industries. Its called a “media distribution”. This will get it picked up within this targeted segment.
  2. Second, we will put it in your blog/news section of your site … By adding regular new fresh content it will give your customers another reason to come back and it will teach media engines to come back and index your content. In case you don’t have a blog or content platform on your site, Your Strategic Marketing Partner is happy to help because chances are high that your customers will love this. Call 602-892-0777 and we’ll help you get started ASAP.
  3. Third, once you get your press release picked up by some outlets that have great local name recognition such as ABC, NBC, Yahoo!, and other big players (this will happen very quickly), you will post this in your social media accounts and get some fresh activity going there.
  4. Fourth, this is very exciting and can cause a great buzz and good-will among your customers. And if you have dealers, wholesalers or retailers selling your products it tells them you are promoting the product, literally on their behalf.

The Insider’s Guide to Public Relations

Whether you want to announce a new service, write a column, gain an interview or a TV feature story, this awesome course can help you get started immediately.

Your Strategic Marketing Partner has ‘unlocked the code’ in gaining “ink” in publications, resources and every type of media — including local and worldwide publications such as, Readers Digest, Los Angeles Times, Business Week, Yahoo! News and countless others.

And we unravel everything for you in the Guide. In fact, we can even do it all for you.

Just ask.

After you have studied the Guide, you and your team will discover:

  • How to get more clients
  • How to get your press release in the news!
  • How to get articles published!
  • How to be the expert in any market
  • How to get a radio interview
  • What TV production companies want most
  • How to be invaluable to your employer
  • And much much more!

This Guide contains an easy-listening audio in MP3 format, a simple tutorial in a PDF file format, checklists to ensure a fast start, and “already-done” press release formats that make it super easy for you and your team to execute immediately.  

It doesn’t get any better.

Your team and organization will thrive with these skills, instantly.

And if you need Your Strategic Marketing Partner to do some campaigns for you, just ask. We are happy to help!

Table of Contents

  1. MP3 audio file: The Insider’s Guide to Public Relations: For best listening experience, you will need the latest version of Windows Media Player.
  2. Study the Materials:
    1. Getting Started
    2. Why Public Relations?
    3. PR as part of your Marketing Strategy
    4. How to Work with the Media – 7 Steps
    5. Communicating with the Media
    6. Radio and TV
    7. Resources
  3. Press release and article templates
    1. Press release templates
    2. Article templates
  4. Worksheets
    1. Fast-Action Checklist
    2. How to Hire Writers
    3. Work for Hire Agreement
    4. Contact the Media Scripts

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