Google Maps vs Google Business Profile (the difference)

Google Maps and Google Business Profile are Google’s leading business and navigation services. What’s the difference between them?

In this article we will clearly describe what Google Maps is and provide some examples on how you can get the most out of this incredible free tool. Additionally, we describe what Google Business Profile is and how this free tool works in union with Google Maps.

Google Maps vs Google Business Profile
Google Maps and Google Business Profile are free tools provided by Google.  Google Maps is a web-based mapping application for consumers that works across all devices that can access the internet. Alternatively, Google Business Profile enables you to update information about your business in Google Maps or Search.

The internet has made previously complicated daily tasks easier and simple. Some of these things include the ease of doing business and navigation. 

Let’s now review Google Maps and Google Business Profile and help you get more from these two great tools.

What Is Google Maps?

As the name suggests, Google Maps deals with maps. It is a web-based mapping application for consumers offered by Google. It is a service that helps consumers navigate around unfamiliar areas. Some of the services offered by Google apps include:

  • Real-time traffic situation
  • Satellite imagery
  • 360° interactive panoramic street views
  • Street maps
  • Route planning if you are driving, riding, or walking
  • Aerial photography

The application works across all devices that can access the internet, including phones, tablets, and computers. However, it works best on android smartphones, enabling users to find transfer points easily. Google maps also enable smartphone users to observe or find their own location in real-time, often indicated by a red dot.

Don't worry if you need to remember where some streets or buildings are located. It is advantageous for those traveling abroad or in unfamiliar territories with network access issues. With google maps, you can save locations you have visited and even download the maps offline.

Moreover, the app allows users to customize maps that will only be visible to them and those they choose to share with. Location sharing pinpoints the exact location, which makes things easier when someone has to come to your address when you have a private event. You can also save the place you parked your vehicle.

Google Maps location services let users know the distances between different points depending on the means of transport. The good thing is you won’t get stuck in traffic because users get to know whatever is happening at certain intersections. Furthermore, users and partners often update photographs to get a complete picture of the intended location.

For more information about Google Maps, you are encouraged to visit the official Google Blog by going here: 

News about Google Maps

What Is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a tool provided by Google for organizations and businesses to have an online presence in Google Maps. You can create a profile, verify your business then fill up the business information to help clients find your business easily.

Google Business Profile is an app that has undergone various transformations since its invention, which also saw Google change its name multiple times. The app was previously known as Google My Business. After the name change, Google incorporated the app directly into other services such as Google Maps and Google Search.

 Simply put, the Google Business Profile platform enables you, as a businessperson, to create an online presence across Google to help customers easily find your business.

Advantages of this service include:

Business Details

You are supposed to verify and update information about your business or the services or products you offer. When visitors come across your profile when looking for navigation or surfing the internet, they can find all the information, including street address, operational hours, and your website.

Improves Customer Interaction

Google Business Profile allows you to read and respond to customer reviews about your business. The profile enables potential customers to find your business website, which raises awareness and also promotes you in terms of traffic. If, for instance, a client wants food, they can easily find your restaurant through Google Maps.

Feedback and Insight

Google Business Profile helps you understand your online presence so that you can make expansion strategies. The profile lets you know who searched your business and where your website traffic came from. The clients can use the information displayed on your profile, such as phone numbers, to consult you.

For more information about Google Business Profile, you are encouraged to visit the official Google Business Profile admin by going here: 

Google Business Profile

For a very helpful and detailed tutorial about setting up your own Google Business Profile, please visit:

Is Google My Business Worth It?

What Is the Difference Between Google Maps and Google Business Profile?

Google Maps is a mapping application that helps users easily navigate new places, find buildings, and know their actual location. It reminds you where you parked your car, displays clear photos of nearby buildings, and shows the prevailing traffic conditions.

Google Business Profile was formerly an app on its own but is now part of other google services. The online directory enables businesses and organizations to have an online presence across all Google platforms. Google integrated the Google Business Profile into Google Maps and Search, boosting businesses and organizations.

While Google Maps enables you to find directions, Google Business Profile enables you to update information about your business in Google Maps or Search. Business owners can claim their slot, update the information, including contact information and services offered then verify everything with Google.

Put Google Business Profile is like a free way of advertising your products and services inside Google Maps and Search applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Google My Business, Google Business Profile and Google Maps

Is Google Maps Part of Google My Business?

No. Google My Business was an app that Google aims to phase out by the end of 2022 completely. Google My Business has been changed into Google Business Profile and integrated inside Google Maps and Search.

Is a Google Business Profile Worth It?

The answer is a big YES! The Google Business Profile lets clients find information about your products and services online. For instance, someone using Google Maps can learn that your restaurant has a parking lot and decide to leave their car there. Google Business Profile gives your business an online presence bringing you traffic and expanding your horizons. For a complete tutorial on setting up your profile, go here: Is Google My Business Worth It?

Is It Free to Put Your Business on Google Maps?

Yes. You don’t have to pay anything to create a Google Business Profile. Just create one and proceed to manage your business and reach more clients through Google Search and Google Maps.

Can Anyone Claim a Business on Google Maps?

Anyone can claim a business on Google Maps. Search your business, claim it, then proceed to build a profile. As long as it appears in searches, go ahead and claim.


Finally, Google Maps and Google Business Profile are very different. One is a navigation app, and the other is an online directory inside the other. 

Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, is now part of Google Search and Google Maps.

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