B2B manufacturing marketing strategy PDF (Free checklist)

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to effective manufacturing marketing. 

The reason?  

Because your marketing has to start with the customer. Not the widget. 

Your b2b manufacturing marketing strategy doesn’t happen by accident. But when you use this strategy, your manufacturing marketing is going to be far superior to your competition.

b2b manufacturing marketing strategy starts with a clear definition of the customer and why your product is the ideal choice. Next, develop these steps to build your b2b marketing strategy: 

1. Create your unique selling proposition (USP)
2. Identify your budget

3. Develop your marketing mix 

4. Ensure your website is mobile first

5. Build and maintain your customer list

6. Establish your email communications 

7. Build social proof 

8. Survey your customers and 

9. Develop your brand standards

But with a well developed b2b manufacturing marketing strategy, you can develop an efficient marketing plan filled with strategies and tactics that will help you build a fantastic brand.

Let’s review these items and at the end you can access your free checklist, which are the exact steps we also take to build and manage multiple million dollar manufacturing brands. 

How to build your B2B manufacturing marketing strategy 

It’s time to build your manufacturing marketing department. Below is the primary list of the important things you need to do to develop a winning set of marketing systems. Go here for more information on setting up your manufacturing marketing department

  1. Do an annual SWOT analysis - A SWOT analysis is one of the most effective, simple, and essentially free management tools available. Every owner and manager should be doing a SWOT analysis, at least once every year or two. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Understanding each of these four components will help you build a stronger, more resilient, future focused business. Performing a SWOT analysis is an excellent way to set a course for success, and prepare for possible roadblocks. Go here to learn how to develop your SWOT analysis.
  1. Develop your b2b Customer Value Proposition - Research shows there are only three fundamental business models.  They are: Customer intimacy, Operational excellence and Product leadership. The best companies clearly communicate their value proposition (not to be confused with the Unique Selling Proposition – USP) in their targeted advertising campaigns and clearly integrate their customer value proposition in their daily operations. Most importantly, the best companies choose one customer value proposition and go ALL-IN, making the other two customer value propositions just ‘good enough’ to compete in the market. Go here to learn more about choosing your customer value proposition.
  1. Create your b2b Unique Selling Proposition (USP) - Having direct competitors as a manufacturer is a standard situation. A unique selling proposition is a company’s statement that separates your business from the competition. This USP conveys a quality or price that a business offers better than others in the industry. It could be speaking about your A1 customer service or sustainable practices.  Go here to develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  1. Build your b2b manufacturing marketing budget - Your budget operates like a rudder in a ship -- helping you to control the direction of your organization based on the resources you have available. Your marketing budget works in union with your marketing strategy, your marketing plan, your 4 P’s of marketing and your marketing calendar. Go here to develop your budget and download a free template and sample budget.
  1. Develop your Marketing Mix - Once you have your target market identified, your next job is to decide upon the marketing mix. Also known as “the 4 P’s of marketing”, the marketing mix is no different than a recipe. Each ingredient is an important part of the marketing plan and is composed of these 4 elements: product, promotion, price, place. Go here to develop your marketing mix.
  1. Develop your mobile-first website - Make your website for mobile and make your website fast and secure while you are at it. Here’s how to boost your website conversion rates.
  1. Test your ads - The first rule of marketing is to find the marketing message that most resonates with your target market. This is called message-market fit and all marketing resources should be focused on this initial task. In reality, success in marketing is found when the message is embraced by the market. Go here to learn how to do this.
  1. Build your sales pipeline -- Once the prospective customer has entered your sales and marketing pipeline, immediate marketing communications are necessary in order to gain new customers. Go here to develop your B2B pipeline and set up your systems.
  1. Build your email list -- Email marketing is the action of sending an email communication, usually a promotion, to a list of customers and or non-customers. A promotional email is usually an advertisement or a marketing email, typically containing education about the company or organization's products or services with some kind of a call to action. Go here to develop your marketing systems.
  1. Get social proof -- can be testimonials, social media, TV advertising, case studies, paid actors, etc.
  1. Get customer feedback - There are many strategies for customer feedback. I have a few preferred methods to find out exactly how your customers really feel about your brand. Here’s one that the biggest companies on the planet use and you can, too.  Go here: What Do Your Customers Really Think About You? Here’s How To Find Out.
  1. Build your manufacturing brand -- Your brand is the culture, the people, the colors, language, the font, the quality of the product or service, the customer experience and the after-sale communication with the customer. Your brand literally encompasses everything. Go here to see how to brand your manufacturing business.

Free Checklist: B2B manufacturing marketing strategy

Ok, let’s now dig into getting your manufacturing marketing strategy and start making sales!

Download your B2B manufacturing marketing strategy checklist here (PDF)

As always, if you need assistance along the way, Your Strategic Marketing Partner is happy to help!



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