Step #1: What Does ‘Big Marketing Data’ Look Like?

Regardless of your goal, the first step is to dig into your data to see what really makes the most sense -- and if what HAS happened in your business is congruent with what you WANT to happen.

Now it's time to organize the information.  Depending upon your business, the sources of information may come from places such as this:

Your website statistics

Google Analytics or your hosting provider are great places to start.  Begin with the basics such as; how many people are visiting your site, the number of people who are new to your site (unique), and sources of all this traffic.  Maybe even discover how long people are sticking around. Then we will discover your conversion rates. We will define such things as; out of all the visitors, how many are filling out your form -- and where did they come from? How many are buying your steel, kites or computer solutions?  Then we will dig deeper and define which source is bringing you the most buyers, subscribers or lead inquiries.

Common sources of 'ugly' marketing data:

Database discoveries

Maybe you are using SQL, Amazon, Filemaker, ACT, Process Peak, Access or Excel to store your info.  Or maybe your leads and customers are stored in a proprietary eCommerce platform. We will explore this info to tell your "Big Data" story.  We can measure "January 2015 versus January 2016" to see improvement or decline (a.k.a "same store sales") - maybe you did a trade journal ad in January 2015 but switched to social media for January 2016. How did this affect your website traffic year over year? Your newsletter subscribers? Your customer transactions?

Other sources of data?

A salesperson's outbound telephone statistics.  A prospect pipeline status report.  In-bound phone statistics.  Shopping cart starts vs. abandons.  Email, banner ads, direct mail. Customer re-orders.  Order up sells.  House list analytics, post card mailing, an ad in a trade journal, TV, radio, social media on and on.

But don't worry...

Your Strategic Marketing partner has it under control, for you.

Now we'll make financial sense out of your data in Step #2...

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