Sales and Marketing

How Do I Write a Real Estate Marketing Plan?

Like in any other business, you should have a real estate marketing plan for your real estate business. A detailed […]

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Marketing Strategy vs. Sales Strategy

In a well-functioning business, marketing and sales work together like a well-oiled machine. While they have distinctly different functions, sales […]

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What are Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales?

Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand.  That’s because the definition of marketing is to: Gain a customer, and  Keep a customer. […]

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Marketing for Sales: Lead to sales conversion rate template

How is lead sales ratio calculated? “…for every 100 leads, Karl is going to make 12 sales.  He has an […]

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How marketing supports the sales department (Free template)

“What is measured can be improved and what is not measured cannot be improved.” — Your Strategic Marketing Partner Below […]

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How Do You Use Guerrilla Marketing?

There are two rules in guerrilla marketing. 1. There is no rule in guerrilla marketing. And, two: 2. Refer to […]

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6 Reasons Why Customers Stop Buying

 Some days it may seem like there are thousands of reasons why your customers aren’t buying. Costs too much, […]

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Why Customers Buy from You

People love to buy. But they don’t want to get a bad deal. In fact, the fear of getting a […]

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5 Marketing Strategies for Business Survival During a Recession

5 Marketing Strategies for Business Survival During a Recession “Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.”– The […]

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